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Terminator: Survivors Dev Update | A Resistance In The Making

A resistance in the making

Learn more about Terminator: Survivors in a new video with Nacon Studio Milan CEO and Creative Director Marco Ponte and Art Director Mauro Ferrari.

In this Dev Update, “A Resistance In The Making”, we reveal new details and images from the development of our open world survival game.

World building

“From an artistic and narrative point of view the world building was extremely curated. Our goal was to be as realistic and coherent as possible in describing a world that carries the signs of the conflict narrated in James Cameron’s saga.” says Mauro Ferrari on the Art Direction.
“Every character, every location has something to tell, and this happens on multiple levels, considering the periods before the war, during the war and after the war.”

Developing a survival game in the Terminator universe

On why we decided to develop a Survival game in the Terminator universe, Marco Ponte tells:
“Being able to flesh this period out and showcase the life of survivors during this time, there’s no greater honor as fans.”

Watch the full video:

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Terminator: Survivors is coming to Steam Early Access on October 24, 2024.